Web of Care: A Lay Pastoral Care Training Program

Pastoral Care Training

We are proud to announce the release of our new pastoral and congregational care program for laity - Web of Care©.

Comments from Web of Care congregation participants

"I am so grateful for the Web of Care that gives our members the opportunity to contact someone they know to help them find a way to solve a problem, whether it be large or small."


This step by step process helps congregations develop a program to care for the personal, emotional and family needs of members of the congregations. Lay leaders will be trained how to maintain contact with the entire congregation - active members and entire families, as well as members who have drifted away and declined in participation, or have suffered illness or hospitalization that keeps them away from the group. One way to measure the health of a congregation is in how members care for each other.

Both the care givers and the care receivers benefit when pastoral care is provided in an intentional and accountable way. The implementation of the program requires in-person training by Eremos consultants who will provide comprehensive written materials to all participants.

"How comforting this message is. I am proud of Bob. I am happy the dog loved him. (Maybe that's my favorite part. I think a dog who loves him will be so wonderful.) And I am glad that Susan can appreciate the help at this hard time for her. What a wonderful coming together of loose pieces. God is with us all and especially known today."

Email from a Web of Care coordinator who helped connect a congregant who was losing his housing with an older member of the congregation who needed someone to care for her while recovering from an illness.