Are you or your organization in the midst of a transition?
Looking for clarity?
Discerning what comes next?
Eremos Consulting Group provides wise counsel and understands the complexity of the issues you are facing.

Eremos is Greek for "wilderness; desert."
The wilderness can be a difficult, confusing, and even desolate place. It can also be a transforming place of healing, discernment, nourishment, renewal and peace. And the wilderness is a place to experience the sacred and the holy in unexpected ways.

Congregations & clergy, nonprofits & executive directors, often find themselves struggling with transitions, changes, and conflicts that may seem like wandering through the wilderness following elusive dreams without getting anywhere.

Eremos Consulting Group provides you with an experienced, discerning and wise guide to facilitate transformation of your wilderness experience. Whether personal, organizational, spiritual, vocational, or psychological, we can help you understand the complexity of your "wilderness" and assist you in renewing your sense of calling and mission, so you can get on with the work and the journey ahead.

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