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Executive Directors: We Know How Hard Your Job Is!

Being executive director of a non-profit organization can be a lonely experience. Boards count on the ED to always be there to keep the program moving forward, compliant with all laws and within budget. Staffs count on their EDs to always be there to provide leadership (and to meet payroll every payday). Clients may not know the ED but still count on them to hire dependable staff and recruit volunteers to provide services in a cordial and professional manner.  The ED’s families count on them to be attentive to their needs without bringing home the stress of meeting the mission.  So who does the Executive Director count on for emotional support and empathy? Where is the sounding board for the ED of a small to mid-size non-profit? 

 Could You Use A Little Help?

If you are the executive director of a Colorado nonprofit organization, and any of the above sounds familiar to you, Eremos Consulting Group would like to offer you the following invitation.  We are recruiting executive directors to join a Peer Advisory Group. In this group you will meet regularly with fellow executive directors of similar size organizations to provide emotional support, encouragement, good ideas, and an understanding ear.  No homework is required; you have enough to do. All we ask is that you commit to good attendance and strict confidentiality of the issues raised by your peers. These meetings will be considered a safe sanctuary to express concerns, ask advice, admit doubts, and share triumphs with colleagues who know exactly what you are going through. Sound interesting? There are more details below. 

  The Leadership Advisory Group:

Eremos Consulting Group has found that an advisory group of 5-8 peers, meeting on a regular schedule, committed to the confidential support of its members and trained in the art of listening to each other, can dramatically reduce the sense of professional loneliness, reduce burnout, and increase longevity and productivity on the part of its members.  The power of the small group to build community and clarify thinking has been documented in many disciplines.   Eremos Consulting Group has for many years facilitated small groups in the clergy and also among counseling agency directors. These leaders have found emotional support and professional stimulation from regular meetings with a committed small group of peers. Group members challenge each other not to lose themselves in their work, coach each other and hold one other accountable to deal with difficult people or issues, teach each other best practices in leading their communities, encourage each other when family or work pressures seem unbearable, and enable each other to fully embrace the frustrations and joys of their calling.  We believe that many non-profit executive directors in our community would benefit from their own social and professional community. 

How Do I Join a Group?

If you would like to join one of our Colorado Leadership Advisory Groups, please contact 

Phil Thompson at  to request additional information. 

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