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Eremos Newsletter Archive

Let It Be So - New Year's 2015
editation on Waiting, Snow & Jean-Luc Picard

Fall 2014 Newsletter
Kitchen Remodeling & Congregational Consulting

Spring 2014 Newsletter
On Becoming An Elder

November 2013 AAPC Conference
Two Days with Ron Richardson

Summer 2013 Newsletter
Nope, I Really Don't Want to Do That

Spring 2013 Newsletter
I Know That's What You THINK You Think, But Is It Really?

Fall 2012 Newsletter
Careful the Things You Say, Children Will Listen

Summer 2012 Newsletter
Across The Generations: Who Are They?

Spring 2012 Newsletter
The Fox of God

Winter 2012 Newsletter
Asking For Directions: Reflection on Dante

Fall 2011 October Newsletter

Spring 2011 April Newsletter
Remembering Into New Life

January 2011 Newsletter
Welcome to Eremos - Wilderness Journeys

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