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Why Clergy and Congregational Consulting? 

I am Rev. Elizabeth Denham Thompsonthe owner and lead consultant of Eremos Consulting Group, a company devoted to consulting with and coaching clergy,  congregations, nonprofits and their leadership. 

Eremos is Greek for “wilderness desert”.  I deliberately chose this image because the wilderness desert is a complex place of desolation as well as a place of renewal and transformative encounters with the sacred. 

My own spiritual and vocational journey has led me into the wilderness where I first experienced a wandering around with my only goal being to get through to the other side.  Then, to my amazement, I discovered the nourishment and transformation that can occur there.  It was then that I began to describe my call to ministry as being a guide who provides nourishment to others in their wilderness experiences.  So in the past 25 years I have worked in a variety of ways to fulfill that calling. 

Prior to launching Eremos Consulting Group, I served as Executive Director, then Director of Consulting Services for an interfaith, holistic organization serving the Denver/Boulder metro area.  I am also a Pastoral Counselor, a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, a congregational consultant and coach, a spiritual director, a non-profit consultant, and a facilitator for board retreats, leadership development, workshops, and other kinds of events.  I work with clergy and their families in a variety of ways – offering individual and couples’ therapy, spiritual direction, clergy wellness groups, and most recently, a group spiritual direction program.  I am co-author of a lay pastoral care training program called Web of Care which is designed for theologically progressive congregations.  In past lives I have worked as a hospital chaplain, a computer sales person, a public relations specialist, and a fundraiser for another nonprofit organization.  I was ordained to the ministry in 1991.

Much of my work history and credentials you will find on my resume.  What you will not find there is my family history, but I think it is helpful for understanding who I am and why working with clergy and congregations is an important part of my call to ministry.  A native of Texas, I grew up the fourth child of a senior pastor of large churches.  My mother was also a seminary graduate who struggled with her call to ministry in a time when women were either preacher’s wives or missionaries.  My father’s father was a minister, who also taught Greek in one of the denominational seminaries during his life.  My great-grandfather on my mother’s side was also a minister.  Of the four children, all four of us are now ministers having been affiliated with United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Southern Baptist, Cooperative Baptist, American Baptist, and an interdenominational congregation in our various calls.  And I married a preacher’s kid!  I have also served in a number of lay leadership capacities for the churches where I have been a member - Sunday School teacher, choir member, deacon, chair of long-range planning, chair of church council, chair of Worship & Arts committee, chair of senior minister’s search committee, etc.  Throughout my history I have been involved with clergy and churches in Texas, Alabama, Georgia and now in Colorado and the western region. 


I say all of this to say that I have been around churches, denominational politics, ministers, and ministers’ families all my life – and know them from a number of different angles.  I know the wonder of being involved in ministry and also the seamy side of it.  Most importantly, I have been around people who have struggled with hearing and living out God’s call in their life while at the same time struggling with the human beings and human institutions that embody this call. 

It is not always easy, but it is a worthwhile endeavor and I am glad that I am involved with it all.



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