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Thank you for your mentoring this past couple of years.  It's been a wild ride indeed, but you've helped me make some sense out of the hills and plummets.  Thank you for offering a bigger perspective to me.  May God guide and bless you and your ministry.
New pastor

When I think about Elizabeth,  the first thing that comes to mind is  competency.  She has a prodigious mind and a no-nonsense way of getting down to business.  During interactions with her, I do not think I would ever make the mistake of underestimating her.  Very little gets by her; she observes intently and listens closely.  This is a gift.  The larger impact of her actions (at that time) was to restore order to a situation that could have resulted in negative consequences for the church and for me personally.  Any leader needs someone like that to turn to, and I was grateful she was there.               
Senior Pastor              

I would like to thank you for your guidance and keeping us all focused during this difficult time. Without providing us with your opinions on the ultimate issues, you have restated our views and questioned all of us. Your fairness and respect for all opinions has been both supportive and challenging. While your approach is gentle, you are open and direct, and you do not let anyone avoid the tough issues. I appreciate the support and clarifying insight that you provided.
                                   Nonprofit Leader             

Every comment I have heard has been very positive!  Actually, more than positive -- superlative!  You have given us much needed tools to use in the near and distant future.  Your retreat presentations were to the point but done with warmth. 
 Retreat Planner



Are you in the midst of a transition? 

Want to explore what that means for you now and in the
future ...
and for your organization?

Are you looking to get clarity? 
To discern what comes next?

Consulting Group

can help.

We provide wise counsel and

understand the complexity
of the issue     f
rom multiple facets -personal, relational, financial, organizational, spiritual, and vocational.  

We work with people like you who are in leadership positions in congregations and nonprofits who desire to understand more about how your system works and how to strengthen your leadership skills.

For over 20 years, the leadership of Eremos Consulting Group
has worked with clients like you to empower them to accomplish their goals.

We have expertise in working with clergy,  congregations, executive directors,  and nonprofit organizations.  Our focus is to help you discern what is most important to you and then develop a plan and process that fits.  

We have specific knowledge of and have coached leaders in congregations, nonprofits, as well as family businesses throughout Colorado's front range. 

Call today to start on the path for a clear strategic direction in your life and that of your organization.

     New Visions
A Training Program for Congregational Leaders

Peter L. Steinke Featured Presenter

New Visions is about change: changing you, changing your congregation, and changing the world.

MARCH 6-7, 2015

Friday 1pm to 8:30pm    Saturday 8:30am till 12:00 noon

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

6322 So. Lakeview St., Littleton Colorado 80120

$250 individual       $225 each for groups of 3 or more    $100 student rate


New Visions is a congregational training program developed by Peter Steinke for congregational leaders.  Its purpose is to establish a mission environment within the congregation that raises awareness, enhances mission vitality, and increases mission activity. Because of the amount of material to be covered, all participants are strongly encouraged to read A Door Set Open prior to the training (Books readily available from Realizing that at any given moment congregations have different needs and opportunities, the training will cover three (3) different courses of study that will allow you to deliver the material in a variety of ways.

1. All Things Restored is designed for a ten-week, one hour per week class for adults.

2. Let’s Go! is designed for a leader’s retreat.

3. Like Fire can be adapted for a number of uses - Mission School, Leadership Training, Search Committees,

Long-range Planning groups, and Mission Trip preparation.

The mission of God has churches. The church is the means whereby God reaches into human life with the word of many and the work of many. Mission happens through the lives of church members and change is inherent in mission.  New Visions will look at systems and how change works so that leaders are prepared and doors are able to be set open for mission to effect change in the world. The desired outcomes include turning congregations suffering “mission drift” to a mission direction, increasing the congregation’s outputs” (services), mobilizing people’s energy in contributing to God’s Shalom, and influencing the mission of the congregation by exercising faith active in love and proclaiming the Gospel.  For more information on New Visions go to 

Peter L. Steinke has been a pastor, therapist, educator, and consultant. Known for his work with systems theory in congregations, Steinke has authored ten books, including A Door Set Open. He has been presented the “Christus in Mundo” award by The Inter-Lutheran Organization for specialized ministry and Concordia Seminary in St. Louis honored him with the Doctoral Letters degree.

Planning Committee

Rev. David Palma-Rue at  or 303-798-1356

Rev. Donna Patterson at  or 970-227-3029

Rev. Don Sperber at  or 303 -503-1189

 Rev. Thomas Thompson at  or 801-518-5390

Rev. Elizabeth Denham Thompson at  or 303-902-7805

Contact any committee member for more information or questions about scholarships, nearby hotels, event logistics, & training content.

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